Escher likeEscherVisited the museum ‘Princessehof‘ in Leeuwarden today. It is a ceramics museum that lives in a  little ‘city palace’ once occupied by our present queen’s forebearers. Nothing like Versaille, but in the classic style and very pretty all the same. They have a lot – but a lot! – of vases, plates and suchlike  to exhibit.  Some interesting contemporary stuff in the attic, even.

I never knew that Escher, a dutch graphic artist  famous for his fantastic drawings of  fish becoming birds becoming something else again (metamorphosis), for tricks with perspective and other mathematically inspired  themes, spent the first 5 years of his life in Leeuwarden in the very building that now houses the museum. Pic shows a copy of one of his self-portraits that is shown at the museum entrance. It inspired me to make a self-portrait myself, using a vase sitting at the counter at the museum cafe. I seem to be into similarities these days.

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