Video call snapshot 1

I’ve decided to continue blogging after the MaHKU has signed me out. As any serious blogger comes complete with  mini laptop and unlimited Internet access, I decided to miniaturise as well. So I’m now typing on the smallest keyboard that I can use ten fingers on. This little laptop that I’ve bought comes complete with webcam, and I’ve downloaded a lot of functional stuff, like google chrome and skype. Pic is of eldest skyping away with me – I’m trying out every gadget. Even managed to circumvent windows 7 lite in order to customise my desktop!

Fun to know that now I can blog on trains, in cafe’s, in a museum and at exhibitions, without carrying any bulky equipment.  This lovely little machine will fit in any woman’s bag and runs up to 8 hrs without needing to be fed new electricity. I’ve blogged before about my miniature camera being the unsung hero of this blog. Now that all of my equipment has the size of a large powder compact, we’re going to have such fun!

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