Little bite

Street Games: Kopenhagen

Second experiment in Copenhagen. Inspired by the spire of the tower on Bursen (the stock exchange) that hosts a couple of snakes, and by the snake I photographed in Dokkum, I decided to draw a snake-like ladder. I chose to do this in one of Copenhagen’s pretty parks – these Danes really know how to make a herbaceous border look good far into the fall. Went to Kongens Have in the center of town, it having a great tree-lined avenue with dappled shade and a tarmac surface that would support snake-drawing without the disturbance of a tile pattern.

The avenue I chose bisected a lawn dotted with small-sized modern statuary, so my snake was in good company. Spent a good hour-and-a-half on drawing my design, then sat there for another hour observing people’s reactions. Again: Danes not a playful lot. They’re not even tempted – and very few moments of doubt are created. As for spreading doubt amongst Danish people, I’ll have to think again.

Note: making this work in a park lacks the surprise it has when done on the street. This snake had  little bite.

Everdien Breken Kopenhagen 12 300910Everdien Breken Kopenhagen 08 300910

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