This is the artists impression of a game that I am thinking about, using the cutouts I blogged about earlier. Named it Hide Me, and used the idea for a proposal for a biennale. Quote from my application:

It [the game] is inspired by the game of hide-and-seek. Jaques Lacan interpreted hide-and-seek as a manifestation of the unconscious desire to re-establish symbiosis with the mother, to go back into the safe environment of the womb. The game I propose plays on Lacan’s theory, placing the image of the Mother over the self-image of the male and female. The game unfolds as a group choreography – or a number of consecutive self-choreographies –  a  set of moves to be played both in an exhibition space and outside.

Players are guided to construct translucent, life-size Hide Me game pieces. They carry these pieces into the game and negotiate their distribution in a moving space of relations. Each person is confronted with the relativity of his or her position in relation to the group, and a collapsing distinction of inside and outside is in fact an underlying rule. At the end of the game players fix their figures to a spot of their choosing to form a temporary installation/labyrinth.

The proposal is more extensive of course, but the above gives the gist of it.

Also made a short version of my  game/essay (about artistic use of play and games) by way of having an artists statement.  These biennale people get 1000nds of applications and won’t go playing my game. Also they don’t accept links to websites, so I needed a non-play version. Will publish it on this blog also – even though playing the game is more fun! Needed a portfolio, too – so that’s due to be published here as well.  Later: portfolio is here.

Anyway, my chances of getting accepted for this biennale are slim to none-existant, but it was fun putting the application together. And it made me push the Hide Me idea to a next stage. Am trying to get my old classmates together to discuss a new group exhibition, can use the idea for that, too. Amazing that all but one of them are still in the Netherlands ….

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