Work cut out

Have been working on a female shape, but a hollow one that can be used for hide-and-seek. It was reading about Lacan that sparked it off.  Experimented in 3D with the shape that was in my head, using papier-mache and later plain paper. I used to work with papier-mache a lot, it is a quick way to make three-dimensional sketches. Have never been able to sketch in 2d, somehow or other I think with my hands.

Anyway, I made a series of hide-out-female shapes that derive from experiment no 001.  Then I had the idea of making the shape from a cutout , so I went from 3D back to 2D and back again, which was quite a surprise. Pics above show the iterations the cutout went through, below show the assembled cut-outs in my windowsill. Nice.

Then a friend who works for Fuji came along. He was very much interested in what I was doing, and promised me a print of the cutout on plastic and in a large size. He was as good as his word, and a printout is sitting in my atelier right now to be experimented with tomorrow.  The whole exercise sparked off a number of ideas for a larger installation, will blog about that later. I made a proposal for a biennale, how exiting is that!

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