Worked on the Hide Me shapes some more – a friend offered to print the cut-out on a larger scale, on plastic. Thank you Bert!  He printed two sizes so I could experiment some.

The smaller size that I did first worked fine First pic shows how big it was printed, my hand in it for scale. Reminds me of when I I did hands before, check here. Plastic is glue-able and staple-able. It folds nice, too. It becomes translucent when wet – this has possibilities yet to be explored. Drawbacks: it tears pretty easily, it scratches easily.

Larger size was a struggle. Needed an extra pair of hands to staple the legs. Then it would not stand up whatever I tried – it needs a support. So have to think again – thicker plastic? build in supports? I like the oversized look of it though – will feel like Alice after eating the mushroom when standing in a life-size Hide Me.

Am not discouraged – early days yet & a lot more experimenting to do.

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