Possessed by Polaroids

Been doing some painting yesterday – yes: painting – not to make a work of art but to make my walls a better receptacle for a work of art that I bought recently. For I am the prowd owner of a series of polaroids made  by my MaHKU colleague Leonardo Vargas, and I love them dearly: possession is nine-tenths of the law. They deserve pride of place on my wall – which means repainting the wall to make the work  look even better.

Had a lot of wall paint left over from  experiment no 005 and used that in my home to good effect. Managed to step into the paint bucket only once …   My goal for today is actually hanging the work – need to be in the right mood for that as it needs precision. Anyway, below is a video where Leo talks about the work, worth checking out! Video is made by Fariborz Farid-Afshin, who is also a talented MaHKU collegue.

By the way, this video is part of a new project I am doing with my MaHKU classmates. We’re all making video diaries and are thinking about using this material to make a post-MaHKU production – our sad and happy lives after leaving art school. Will post some material I made shortly.

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