chasing the Fifth

I’m following up an idea I had when researching circles and finding Plato’s ideas about Essence (check here).   

When I apply his logic to a circle, the circle has:
–  a name  i.e. circle
–  an account i.e.  set of points in a plane that are a given distance from a given point
an image i.e. sense perception of the circle (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, balance, proprioception)
from these three stem
– the knowledge i.e. the idea of a circle, the circle in one’s mind
having all four, a flash of inspiration provides :
– the Fifth. the Essence

It’s not as if I understand the Fifth, but I am looking for it. So I’ve been drawing circle after circle, and video’d it. Below two screenshots. Note: find out how to get the camera off auto-focus. Note: try with me behind instead of aside. Later: figured out the auto-focus thing and did two tries. Video editing still sucks –  have to copy files to my hard drive, convert them, edit them, upload them then insert them in a blogpost – each step taking sooooo long. Fortunately I have that most precious of commodities today: time.


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