The experience of being E(a)rnest

So I co-curated Tricking – what did I learn?

On the plus side:
– can-do attitude paid off;
– good we made a decision about who would take the decisions;
– it pays to listen closely to Peter, the Academiegalerie’s manager – he’s seen it all and done most of it, too. If he happens to read this: thank you Peter!
– title was catchy and to-the-point;
– booklet Laura made was great;
– the sum total was more than the individual pieces added together;
– having the film in the second room pulled people in and made them curious;

On the minus side:
– next time check more thoroughly what people want to enter/set up;
– nothing to show for the show on the outside – next time make posters;
– forgot about lighting & had to do this at the last moment;
– if possible, don’t open right before a holiday/long weekend;
– put even more effort in getting into the papers/websites

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