Dove circle, Dam square

Everdien Breken Dam Circle 04

Did it again at Dam Square – which sounds like the title of a really tacky movie. No,  I did not not misbehave in Amsterdam. I  just went to find out if pigeons can be made to sit in circles, and if persuaded to do so, do they look  better. My proposition being ‘everything looks better in a circle’. The answers are: yes they can, and yes, they do!

Now that I have managed to line up the  last remnants of nature  found in the city of Amsterdam I can call kin to Jacques Bloem, who wrote a famous poem about the relation between the Dutch and Nature. It is situated in the Dapperstraat, a quintessential Amsterdam suburban street, and describes loving nature as a pursuit for the satisfied or hollow. 

Re-ordering my site just now made me realise that I have footage from Dove Circle, Dam Square that I haven’t even looked at yet. I did do the photo’s, but the video files have been sitting untouched in my archives since 2011 – this expresses my deep discontent with the world of video editing. Anyway, today was the day I decided to get over this inertia. It takes forever to convert my files to a format that I can actually do something with, then browsing through them is time-consuming, then re-learning the video editing tool that I have is cumbersome, then ….. grumble grumble grouse grouse … The one good news is that my new PC is pretty fast and doesn’t crash – which would have added insult to injury.


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