Room in room – den Haag okt 2011

Was taken to  Filmhuis (Movie House) the Hague to check out the BNG workspace winner. BNG shows The Apartment, a work by Maurice Bogaert based on a film by Roman Polanski.  The work consists of a screening of parts of the film, plus a labyrinth-like construction showing the architecture of that part of the film in miniature. Walking through the labyrinth, one plays the part of the camera, re-constructing scenes and populating these from memory. Powerful work – it plays with the idea of having a mental map of a space in one’s mind. In this case the space is the apartment of the film, and the added complexity of the work is that this apartment space never existed but as a film set – so the mind holds a mental map of a fictitous space and recreates this in real life. The labyrinth structure is very precise, but also open-ended enough to set the imagination at work. It echo’s the film, underscoring the fact that a film is a a thing of the mind.  

Work made me think of the de Hoogh paintings I’ve been studying – check fourth image below. De Hoogh is also fascinated by architecture, space and perspective, and his humans are as much an after-thought as they are for Bogaert. Interesting!

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2-9-2011 until 19-10-2011
Filmhuis Den Haag
Spui 191
The Netherlands

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