Aldo van Eyck – Amsterdam nov 2011

This is the young Aldo van Eyck, a Dutch architect, writer and playground designer I’ve studied for my masters thesis. The van Eesteren Museum in Amsterdam does a retrospective of his work at the moment, it is titled ‘the playful city’. I was there a couple of weeks ago – ran a little late that afternoon so I was not able to participate in the guided walk they organise. Will save that for another day, must go before the end of january for they close the exhibition jan 31th.  Anyway, it was fun looking at Aldo’s work again.

Most stuff in the museum I’d seen before. The replica’s of his play furniture outside were fun, though, a challenge to get some good pics. Van Eyck had the bright idea to make the play furniture very simple and non-moving, as this would fire the kid’s imagination more. A rule I’ve tried to follow: keep it simple. And judging from my experiments: this works!




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