Large knits

Brainstorming with Eveline from PLAY+ART we came up with an idea for a community art project. Idea is to activate a community, get people to interact and work together, transfer skills and create beauty while having fun. [Note: this kind of text just flows right out of my keyboard at the moment].

The idea was sparked off by the large knits I made before plus the beautiful community embroidery made by Studio Vrugt.  This time I’d not go solo but work with a group of people, producing  knitted panels or tubes to form hide-away or tent-like constructions. Material to be used is old t-shirts cut up into yarn – check here for more info about this. If we can make gathering old T-shirts a group effort I’d be able to construct pieces that are quite large.

Next step will be to get my hands on a lot of old T-shirts so I can try things out. Also to make a couple of scale models we can use to pitch the idea to people.

Schets 0007


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