Photo book algorithm [van Gogh]

I exercised a cutting algorithm on a number of books earlier, check here. Had to go to the next step – do the dirty thing – cut up an art book. Took a book containing all known van Gogh paintings, took a deep breath,  then cut circles. Photographed the results in order to be able to answer my research question: do van Gogh paintings look better in a circle?

The answer is: no – they don’t. They become perilously close  to cookie-jar paintings. Also the japanese influence on van Gogh becomes more clear – his paintings are flat, like woodcuts. The results of my cutting-out expedition are presented below. Now that I see them as a collection and from some distance, I noticed that they are like designs for a new currency.  If and when the Euro folds this will come in very handy.


van Gogh circle

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