Test knit [1]

Needed to test the idea of knitting with strips cut from old T-shirts: it works! The local thrift shop donated a few childrens shirts  – we’re great friends, I go treasure-hunting there almost every week, Icut them shirts into strips, there is a website here that shows an economical way of cutting shirts up into strip. Trick is to yank the strip in both hands, it is the stretch that converts it into yarn. Then knitted away, and the result is both a. good to look at and b. very, very resilient. Tried out another knitting stitch, too:

Note: these knits took 2 small kid’s shirts each. Note: next time, weigh the shirts and weigh and measure the resulting knit. Need to know the amount of material needed for and the weight of a really really big knit. Note: test out different strip widths. Note: used knot to attach strip 1 to strip 2, try out using sewing machine next time.








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