Big Knits – great start!

Started ‘Generatie Breien’ in the Hague today – the idea is to transfer knitting skills from old(er) to young(er). It was great fun – I absolutely adore the seriousness kids can bring to a task that challenges them the right way. We did manage to transfer skill – three or four kids could knit unassisted at the end of the afternoon! The others at least had the experience of knitting. My large knitting needles may seem unwieldy, but are great for teaching. I can steer them the right way unobtrusively while a kid has the idea of being alone at the wheel. Size also suits their level of locomotion skills.

So: great start! Going back  this week and next week monday tuesday wednesday. Will need to encourage some adult  knitting too, if there is to be a sheep – or lamb – at the end of the series. For the new knitters don’t make a lot of miles yet.




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