The game is on!

The weather looks promising for tomorrow night, so the game is on!  Come along to the Southbank Centre, London from 6:30-10:00 on Monday 18 June  for a free evening of games around the theme of performance.  I’ll be outside, drawing a game on the pavement. Will them Brits jump, hop-scotch, beam themselves up? The invitationwill be right there. For everything looks better when you put it in a circle.

There’ll be games to play inside as well, games to watch, games with comperes, and secret games hidden in corners. Drop into any of the games from 6:30 to 9, and then from 9 till 10 we’ll have just a few dropin games continuing as most of us get together for Ross Sutherland’s amazing Comedian Dies in the Middle of a Joke.