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News: The exhibition that was proposed by my MaHKU friends in Athens may be materialising!

The proposal we sent a few months ago for a group exhibition in an Art space in Athens wasn’t selected at the time. Apparently we did make an impression, for a few days ago the people from the space contacted us to explore the possibility of actually realizing the proposal. They seemed pretty interested and the plan is to go through with it possibly somewhere in autumn, more likely between October and December.

Here goes the basic idea behind the show:

Muted Distortions
/there is no longer any outside

In the context of the Post-Fordist utopia where the industrial infrastructures are becoming immaterial clouds of information, 
life tends to be completely invested by acts of production and reproduction, thus social life itself becomes a productive machine. 
To the extent to which living and producing tend to be indistinguishable, it seems that there is no longer any outside. 
Trapped in this loophole channel of our postmodern present, we tune on the less audible refractions.

Muted distortions represent the process of disruption as a structuring element of the everyday. 
The interference in the flow of information channels. It is the noise, but it is also a message, 
a bit of information producing the rupture of information. 

Muted distortions aim to bring together a group of artists and designers into an exploration on the conceptual figure of noise. 
Works are tied together as independent nodes of artistic research and under the umbrella of a single resultant. 

So my OraclR may go to Greece after all – it was designed with Athens in mind. My software takes input from Flickr, from Wiki, from Twitter and from Homer and mixes that up. If one then copy-pastes http://www.visual-art-research.com/test-9/ it into the top left corner area of the beta version of webanywhere [found here] the screenreader reads the random text aloud, adding another layer to the work.

Need to do a bit more work 0n it, though. It is now a limited list, I need to add a loop to make it go an unlimited time [Later: hey, forgot that I had solved this one already. I used javascript to refresh the page every 300 seconds i.e. after 5 minutes].   The reader also skips some messages, need to find out why. Also I’d want to skip the step of having to go to Webanywhere, I’d want that to start as soon as the OraclR page is loaded.

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