Such fun!

The countdown has started: september 6th I will leave for Vlieland to do a heavvy wedge of Action Weaving at the Into The Great Wide Open festival.  I acquired hundreds of  T-shirts and turned half of them into balls of yarn (for those interested: yes, I am still typing with ten fingers).  Balls plus the rest of the T-shirts had to arrive in Utrecht last wednesday to be shipped to Vlieland in a IGWO container. I had an oldtimer on loan – a Citroen 2CV lovingly called ‘ugly duckling’ by us Dutch – and managed to cram all aboard – just. Driving up the A2 overloaded and under-horsepowered, for the first time in my life I felt like a real artist. Don’t tell anyone at IGWO but I’ve just been pretending up until now ……

I’m living my life in reverse, really – having a steady job when younger and going bohemian later in life. Such fun!  I’ll keep myself and you posted via

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