Discipline makes me much happier

Quote of the day: Liza Ferschman, violinist and artistic director of the Delft Chambre Music Festival,  in NRC Weekend 28th of july 2012B

“As a musician I am free to arrange my own schedule, which makes it wonderful if  structure presents itself without any effort. I am much happier when I live a disciplined life. I perform better, I am in better shape, everything works better. Having structure means I have time to do fun things too. Because I like to have the best of two worlds”.

“Four hours of study per day is the minimum.  There are tricks to get by with less, to be used at times when I am hysterically busy,  but in the end this robs Peter to pay Paul.  I started studying more or less  seriously when I was nine. Really seriously when I was thirteen and saw that others were getting to be much better than me. Looking back I am sorry that I did not study more from an earlier age. Would it have been sad  to be disciplined when so young? I don’t know. Our time has an uneasy relationship with discipline. To force a child, like ‘Tiger Mum’Amy Chua did, can be counterproductive. On the other hand, violist Viktoria Mullova once said that where as a child she found it hard to study so much, she knew she would not have become ‘Mullova’ without it.”

And another one, a circle quote – Harry Starren, director of ‘De Baak’ interviewed by Koos de Wilt:  “Ik merk dat de rand de kern is van wat komen gaat”  “I notice that the edge is the core of what is to come”

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