Down the mountain

Been so busy getting my new studio operational that I’ve not posted about my trip to Marokko yet – nor did I write about a number of other events I’ve attended.  I mean to catch up today, so there are a number of posts in my direct future. For starters, about the trip from Marrakech to the Taragalte – 8 hours by luxury coach. Made less luxuriant by a. the coach being 3 hours late and b. the coach breaking down after we’d travelled through the Atlas Mountains. A problem with the ‘frein pneumatique’ – made me frown, for we did need those brakes coming down the mountain. Well, we stopped in a little village, had an impromptu dinner (eggs from a tajine plus fresh bread, delicious!) then went on our way again in a new coach. What was odd also is that it rained – very welcome I’m sure to the region, but unexpected, at least by me. It gave me the opportunity to photograph rainbows – I may start a collection of those.

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