Went to Amsterdam last week to be present at the Carpet of Life launch, where my little carpet had a role to play. The event was hosted by Fair and Fair, a beautiful little store on the corner of Herengracht and Raadhuisstraat. A steep step down from the pavement are two small rooms crammed with fair trade products – me carrying a backpack was not a smart move.

A steep stairway up there is more room, and this is where the launch was hosted. Opening move was the presentation of a carpet to Cécile Narinx, editor-in-chief of the dutch Elle magazine. Who sent her designer wardrobe to the Taragalte to be cut up and woven into a carpet – strange to know there are some famous names in it. I gathered it was clothing she no longer fit in. Happens to the best of us.

Pic below shows mrs Narinx with Ibrahim Sbai, creative director of the Taragalte Project.  The idea is that  PLAY+ART and me do Action Weaving, afterwards the threads will go to Taragalte and get woven into carpets so our patrons will have something tangible to remember the weaving by. T-shirts will have a third life – how much better can it get?

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