Everything that is anything

Just finished a biography of Frida Kahlo. To be honest, I have had the book for ages and only picked it up to read because of it’s pocket size – it fitted in my backpack together with all my teaching stuff. Virtue was it’s own reward here, als it was quite a good read. Made me realise how thoroughly euro-centric my frame of reference is – I know next to nothing about Mexico and its turbulent history. Frida Kahlo is portrayed as a brilliant mind trapped in an unfortunate body –  a dichtomy that is a little too smooth for my taste. Must go and see her work in real life soon, she is interesting.

Haven’t found a work of hers within reasonable travelling distance yet.  Some of it is in North America, most in Mexico. Another euro-centric trait: the assumption that everything that is anything can be found in a European museum ….  And by the way, why is there no site offering an overview of where an artist’s work can be found?


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