Art in Odd Places

I’m all for it: Art in Odd Places. The place being New York,  somewhere on 14th Street that runs the width of Manhattan, the date October 11–20, 2013. I’m responding to a call for proposals – am proposing to use the big chalks to draw a huge number of people’s contours on the sidewalk.  Like people started doing at the Southbank Centre last year, but bigger. Title of the work: There is safety in numbers. Which refers to the hypothesis that, by being part of a large group or mass, an individual is less likely to be the victim of an accident, attack, or other bad event. Some related theories also argue that mass behaviour, by becoming more predictable and “known” to other people, can reduce accident risks such as in traffic safety – in this case, the safety effect creates an actual reduction of danger, rather than just a redistribution over a larger group. Doing silly things like drawing one’s contour with chalk is much safer when done in numbers.

Quite apt, no? Picture is a manipulated photo, using Google Maps (where would we be without it) and some footage from earlier projects.


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