Starry night’s dimensions are only 73.7 x 92.1 cm

For starters, let’s envisage  Galaxy dimensions as 320 cm x 320 cm. What material and what time would we need?

Option 1: To make the pattern below, we’d need approximately
– 9 circles diameter 80 which is 9 x 30 balls of yarn
– 9 circles diameter 70 which is 9 x 20 balls of yarn
– 9 circles diameter 50 which is 9 x 15 balls of yarn

Total number of 585 balls of yarn make that 600 balls of yarn needed.
100 balls of yarn weigh 5 kg so total weight 30 kg
That’s 7 or 8  bags of  Tshirts.
Costs appr 200 euro
A  group of 6 made 100  balls in 1 hour today. So if a group of 6 really went for it we could make enough yarn for the Galaxy below in two half-day workshops.

To crochet a big star takes appr. 3 hrs. So a group of 6 could make 6 big stars in half a day. So for the crochet-ing we’d need six half-day workshops. Crochet-ing could also be done individually and at home.


Option 2: fill in the areas inbetween with black crochet-ing.

This would add appr 25% to the tapestry so 125 extra black balls of yarn is appr 1 1/2 bag just black.  Could be done at Atrium.
Total weight 30 kg plus 25% is 37,5 kg
Problem: can’t be cut up into sections any more
Question: is this transportable?

Option 3. What would be even nicer is if we’d  make the tapestry square.

This would add appr. 30 % to the tapestry so 200 balls of black yarn so appr 2 bags just black. Could be done after the Atrium experiment.
Total weight 37,5 kg plus 30% of 30 kg is plus 10 kg  makes appr 50 kg.
Problem: no sections
Question: is this transportable?



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