New stars are born

New stars are born! Yesterday I masterminded a first Galaxy workshop, working together with Eveline from PLAY+ ART. Eveline and me transferred the ancient skill of crocheting to a number of volunteers from Transvaal. Who proved pretty quick on the uptake! Ahmed, who is the chairman of  Jongeren4You(th), was the proud creator of the first star. Another two stars were finished during the workshop, and five more were started that will be finished next Wednesday when the group will meet again at  BOT (Buurt Organisatie Transvaal). Find us at  Paul Krugerlaan 77, the Hague around 19.00 and join in!

Picture above  is a screenshot taken from the pretty weblog PLAY+ART started for the project – check it out here. And yet  more pics of the event below.


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