This is the wonderful  blog that Eveline from PLAY+ART has set up for Galaxy – and projects yet to come under the PLAY+ART Urban umbrella. I don’t know how she manages to have time to do all this: pitch the project,  find sponsors, find organizations to work with, organize the workshops, be at the workshops to transfer skills and photograph, manage the artist (me), blog,  get posters designed and printed, organize an opening, &cet &cet &cet. She’s really incredible!

We’re about ready for the try-out tomorrow. On my task list a few little somethings that need to be done still: make some more black yarn for fixing the stars in the constellation; make two more circles for the kids to add on to; add more black to a number of circles. Hope to be able to do this today – am going to the lovely house of my friend Helena in Amsterdam, to help her with some practical stuff – will manage to slip some crochet-ing into our busy program.

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