Cut two more bags of T-shirts just now – promised myself this blogging as a reward. Picture shows the !!!stack!!! of Galaxy stars now residing in my studio, we reached our goal of 50 stars early. Isn’t that great? Each and every T-shirt that went into the making of them passed my hands at least twice – an estimated 50 x 25 is 1250 shirts that I collected and pre-cut. Fortunately Eveline drummed up a lot of helping hands. Even so, quite a number of shirts  passed my hands another four times – when I cut, stretched, rolled and crocheted them. I must be a more determined character than I ever gave myself credit for.

Went to Sort BV today to score some more black T-shirts, as the ‘night’ aspect of Starry Night can do with a little more attention. So for 20 of the 50 stars I will be adding a little more black. That will keep my fingers occupied! For those of you that are interested: all 10 still present and accounted for.

Am going over the Galaxy event in my mind, for it is getting closer and closer. The logistics of it have me worried – just how many kids will participate, and how many pieces of yarn will they make? Won’t do to race through the material on the first da …


40 kids per day for 7 days is 280 kids
if each kid makes 4 pieces of yarn that is 1200 T-shirts.
To be collected, transported, pre-cut and taken to the Hague by me.
That will be 12 bags of T-shirts.
|I have worked my way through 2 bags tonight
I have 3 more in my studio that I can cut this week.
So I need to pick up another 7 bags sometime next week & cut these, too.