Small things

If there are Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, there are also a lot of things to do in Eindhoven when still alive. Don’t go during Dutch Design Week: way to crowded. Wait for an overcast day in november, a day when a little something to cheer you up is needed. Then go to the premises of Eek & Ruigrok in Strijp S – Eek’s the king of the reclaimed wood furniture – and feast your eyes on the nice stuff they offer. Love reclaiming stuff – witness my reclaimed embroidery piece. Three things I digg, theircommon denominator: small things becoming big things by the way they are presented.

1. James Cauty’s A Riot in a Jam Jar

Strijp nov 13 05 Strijp nov 13 03

2. Flowers made of woolen blankets

Strijp nov 13 06

A cupboard on giant legs:


Strijp nov 13 08

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