Cross stitch

Proud to present: a portrait of the big girl done in cross stitch, on top of an existing piece of embroidery I inhereted from my mother-in-law. Who did her mother-in-law’s house in the ’60s so it’s a four generaties keepsake thing  really. It’s also a rehearsal for using the big threads (the Galaxy ones) for large-scale cross-stitch – to get the right fingerspitzengefuhl and to get into the right moodI found a fabric that promises to allow for really really big crossers ;). The stuff was laying  about at my local supermarket – it was an anti-slip mat that is put under a doormat to keep it from sliding. They even knew where they’d bought it …. and I was able to order it online. so now I am researching tapestry stitches & thinking about a design.

Also proud to say I managed to master the thumbnail problem in my visual index page – will go and check out right now if the image from this blog scales correctly. What a wonderful day I’m having!

Cross Stitch

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