So it’s one of these days that form follows function – I sort of feel like the giraffe below. The collage below is one of a series I’m doing for an assignment:  a project manager’s manager has given a new twist to her career, next wednesday is her send-off and I’m to do an interactive project management discussion thing. I will have five colleagues of hers defend a proposition about project management, all dressed in T-shirts with a collage print that supports their proposition.

I did the collages last week – fun – and tried to print them today. Totally ruined the first T-shirt (fortunately I bought a spare) then read the manual, struggled with the colour printer, had a fight with the iron, then managed to do good-enough prints. ‘Good-enough’ must be good enough for once – it’s not museum quality but it will do for the occasion. Hope I won’t get tongue-tied – I get stage fright on the day, even though I know I’ll do a good job once I get started.

project kl

The complete series:

Collage 01 Collage 02 Collage 03 Collage 04 Collage 05


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