Ugly yet elegant

Whale 01

The Main Man and me are reading Moby Dick – for some reason this classic has escaped me until just now. It’s fun having it read to me from my phone while  travelling or working on some mindless task. Like making the trees for the Heilige Huisjes project: now that I’ve figured out how to make them the rest is a lot of bending wire and boring needlework – which is fine but does not occupy my thoughts. So I travel with Captain Ahab in search of the White Whale – nice!

The Scheepvaartmuseum (Shipping Museum, Amsterdam) has a nice exhibit about whale fishery, and as our steps were directed towards Amsterdam anyway we made a short visit yesterday. They show a lot of whale hunting paraphernalia- not so interesting –  and have a lovely video of a whale mother and her young that is very moving – they are so ugly yet so elegant!


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