Everdien Breken voices

Been listening to disembodied voices all day – weird. I’m used to working with images which is a totally different kettle of fish. If only because one can take in an image at a glance, while one has to have patience to sort through a series of audio recordings. Same as with video editing: my patience wears thin.

Did have to do this thing, though, for we taped the 22 interviews we did for the Heaven and earth exhibition in order to be able to play them from the inside of a plush armchair (dubbed  the Listening Chair). And I am the one tasked to make the voices happen from inside the chair. Such fun!

Only 4 more weeks to go to the opening of Heaven and earth  on July 11th [and yes, this does sound a bit weird]. Fortunately the voices are the last problem I need to tackle – the interactive table is done, the magazine well under way, the app is finished and so is the website. Only some minor stuff is yet to be done – painting two pairs of steps and the support for the two clooty trees; create leaves for the trees;  have  good picture of me taken; sort out a minor sorting problem on the interactive table.





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