Getting ready

 Everdien Breken Play Project 24062015 01

The not-so-little-girl and I went to Utrecht yesterday in order to attend the symposium Drawing Conclusions  and view the exhibition Call For Drawings  At BAK in the Lange Nieuwstraat. Instigated by Klaas Hoek, my wonderful teacher from MaHKU days, the project examines the link between drawing and thinking – interesting stuff.

Girl was soon tired of it and left to do some shopping. We reconnected at the icecream parlor where the big girl was getting ready for her shift. Not-so-little girl is still extremely playful – witness the pic below. Of course, now that she is a teenager, the pout is obligatory. I got permission to publish, which in itself is a rare thing these days. So my collection of play moments is still growing – but what to do with them?

I’ve been inspired by her in another way as well. Finally set up an Instagram account & connected it to this blog. I’m now able to import from Instagram and create a draft post with a mouseclick. Nice!

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