Scant and scary

Everdien Breken paint job

The Hemel en aarde exhibition being a scant and scary two weeks away it’s time to tie up loose ends. Meaning I get to use the paintbrush – my least favourite task of all. I just hate sticky fingers, and can’t seem to do painting without getting my hands dirty.

Anyway, the good people at Ikea will be happy to know some of their stuff is in the exhibition. I took apart two pairs of steps already in my possession in order to paint them black – steps are needed to allow kids and below-average-length adults to attach leaves to the cloothy trees. Also using the classic Ikea Benjamin plywood stools for seats – they just need to be cleaned is all. A pity Ikea no longer sells them, for I could do with a couple more.

Ikea stackable plywood stool



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