That smart …

Spent a few hours last february preparing a workshop for kids – my brief was to help kids make toys with material that is very inexpensive – basically with stuff that is just laying around. So I decided to make paper dolls that can be clothed with paper clothes. Fun! Found a good girl image and boy image at Lavoretti Creativi, many thanks you guys! Made some cardboard girls and cardboard boys from sturdy cardboard to use as templates, also clothes with extra strips to fold around the paper dolls so the clothes will stay in place. 

Then took a small stack of magazines (for the clothes) and sturdy white paper A4 format (for the dolls), scissors, colored pencils and tape (for just in case) and had a great time with a group of 5 kids and two adults. One smart cookie used mirror imaging – she drew one boot, folded the paper, cut out the boot and its mirror image in one go. To be that smart and just 7 years old …. 

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