Acute and subtle observations

Hans van der Meer

The little girl and I took time to browse the bookshops in our home town today. We have two of them – a goodly number – of which one is unusually well-stocked. Discovered a new book by a photographer I really really admire: Hans van der Meer. He published ‘Hollandse Velden’ which may be my  favourite photo book of all times. Jan Mulder wrote a brilliant essay to go with it – it’s all about amateur football and the Dutch landscape. ” These acute and subtle observations of the poetry and absurdity of human behaviour connect the game of football to the basic futility of the human condition. The small tragicomedies are dwarfed by the serenity and permanence of the natural or man-made world that surrounds them but in their pathos can be found the original passion and humanity of the game.” (Amazon)

So did I buy it? No, I did not. It’s going on my birthday-present-list, so I can look forward to getting it  for more than half a year. And also have the pleasure of actually being able to suggest a present I would really like to get. Which is rare, believe you me.

Voorbeeld pagina uit het boek Hollandse Velden


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