Just what I like to hear


Working on  Heaven and earth between the rivers has mostly been a pleasure – but a pain as well sometimes. The listening chairs, for example, were most obnoxious.  They have four speakers in total, hidden in the upholstery, and when tested one or other of the little bastards  would always start to malfunction.  Until today – I hope. For it’s been talking non-stop for hours and that’s just what I like to hear.

All the interviews for Heaven and earth have been read out, taped, digitally enhanced then put on an MP3 player.  Then a lot of try-outs took place and a lot of problems were solved. For instance: how was I to know that the power supply for the MP3 had to be connected to a different socket than the power supply for the speakers? When connected to the same source, they produce a grumbling noise that quite ruins the pleasure of listening. Stumbled across that one when strolling the Internet in desperation. Anyway – it would not be an interesting project if there were to be no hitches.


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