Ken Robinson Ted Talk

Found a note in my diary reminding me to have a look at a Ted talk bij Ken Robinson about rethinking education. Found time today to do so. Interesting stuff! Mr Robinson connects arts  with aesthetic experience with  senses operating at their peak with being fully alive. So art can make us come fully alive? Again, interesting. Then again, I tend to think of art as an intellectual stimulus as well as a stimulation for the senses. A cryptic crossword done in images.

As for the alive thing: I’m sure I feel more alive than before I did art school. Diving into the art world sort of re-sensitized me. This is both good and bad. The good part being the ‘more alive’, the bad part being that I can’t shut out noise as well as I used to. And this goes for both auditive noise and visual noise: the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam at shop-opening time was never my favorite place to be, but nowadays it’s overwhelming.

Openings and other get-togethers of this kind can’t very well be avoided, though. Last saturday we did the opening of Wat mij heilig is (our Hemel en aarde is part of this triptych ) at the Sint Maartenskerk in Zaltbommel. Event drew quite a crowd, which was nice. But exhausting. With pre-opening nerves and opening stress, both my days and my nights have been very un- quiet lately. Fortunately the quiet nights have returned. Will strive for quiet days as well I think.

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