Unprepossessingly ugly

devilThis little devil was inspired by Robert Therrien – No title (devil thinking of running) 1999 seen at de Pont in Tilburg last year. Must have mentioned this before, but I’m genetically predisposed towards sewing and embroidery – feel happy with a needle in my hand and a piece of fabric to shape or adorn. This time I did embroidery on an old thrift-shop blanket that was so unprepossessingly ugly I just had to take it home and re-vamp it. Meant to do some cross-stitch, but this was unsatisfactory. Took the cross-stitches out, and tried crewel stitching – I took the floral pattern on the front of the blanket and covered it in da-glow orange.

It was nice, mindless work that employed my hands while at the kitchen table with family or friends – I’m not really backwards in the brain department, but love to have mindless things to do. Took me some months to finish the crewelwork. I’d promised myself to add a few little devils to the garden-of-eden-ish design when the creweling was done. Did so last friday – it went very well – little devils really blend in – one has to pay attention to notice them. Which is as I meant it to be.

So: what sewing project will be next?

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