KennisIf you have ever wondered what knowledge looks like – check this image. This is it!

The little girl’s due at school next week, and I got to go there last friday to pick up her books, she being unavoidably detained. A hefty bag of books, I weighed it and it’s more than 11 kg in all. All to be fitted into the head of one young adolescent in the period of one school year.

Little girl is being very thourough in her preparations. She’s covering her books in paper – buying paper for covering is a major life style decision –  she’s washed her backpack and overhauling her wardrobe. A pretty smart cookie she is, and very independent with it. Meaning I only supervise the whole process  vaguely, and am on hand to teach her the joys of the washer and, of course, to pick up her books.

One wonders about the amount of time and energy one would have when not a mother of three. Two have left home, but we’re in frequent contact, and applications for help and support come in on a regular basis. That is all as it should be, and I enjoy it hugely. Still, I’d really like to do a residency somewhere, or even have a period of a few months at home that I can devote to one art project only ….. Id probably go nuts but I’d like to try.

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