Pleasant surprise

feedIt has been nagging me for a while: what happened to the emails I’m supposed to be sending to my subscribers? I do an email subscription for this blog – in case you’re interested – but no emails went out. Since I had a good hair day today – this is important when diving into the world of computer code – I decided to go and do something about this.

First of all, I checked my blog’s RSS feed: there was none, just an error message. Googled the error message. Apparently, somewhere deep in the bowels of my site a PHP tag had a blank space too many. Tried to locate that spot, no dice. In case you’re curious – this took me the better part of two hoours. Then disabled all my plugins one by one, no dice. Then took my courage in both hands and updated all my plugins. This can be tricky, have had to bring my site back from backup before because it died on me when updating a plugin. Better luck this time: deep in the bowels of my site, a slight but cheerful sound was heard  – and whaddoyouknow, the problem was solved.

Then spent some time prettyfying my feed. Tried a few plugins, and RSS Manager gave me the desired control.  Tomorrow, my subscribers will hear from me again – after a rather lengthy silence. Dear subscribers, I do hope you will be pleasantly surprised!

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