Dutch Space 04A new experience, this doodling. Liberating to just do – draw, scratch, duck in and out of the text, cut, paste and trace. Tear out and throw away pages that are too awful, Keep what is ugly but has been instructive, and find out what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a few pages that are still in the book. Black is ink – those ones I like best.  I am mortally afraid I will have to travel with a pot of ink.

Am trying to postpone the moment of rule-making, like ‘use consecutive pages or skip around’ ‘totally obscure text or leave visible’ ‘paste cutouts or not’ ‘add text -handwriting, rubber stamps – or not’ ‘draw in margins or not’ ‘add images or not’.

Later: because WordPress is so godawful bad with images I installed NextGen gallery – at least this does not distribute my images like music notes on a page.
Even later: changed NextGen to Gallery by Supsistic

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