I took the big girl to Amsterdam last saturday, to visit the largest flea market in the western hemisphere (it was Awesome) and also to go to the Stedelijk to see the Zero exhibition. Interesting stuff – the wall covered in white works was impressive, even – but I left with a feeling of the whole thing being rather sterile. Part of that sentiment was triggered by the works on show: their  human component has been diligently erased to a point where it becomes depressing. Part of it was the way the exhibition was set up: the Stedelijk congratulating the Stedelijk on being such clever cookies in the ’60 and ’70, when they were really really avant-garde.

Wish they were avant-garde again. Very much wished they’d find a way to allow touching the artworks – a lot of them are 3D and just scream to be explored by my hands. I know there are good reasons not to, but what if exact replica’s were exhibited with the original, and signs would say ‘please touch’?

zero at stedelijk_kl

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