A hectic period we’re in – every day in both week and weekend fully booked. One of the must-do’s was picking apples and pears in our mini orchard, always a fun activity where the family gathers, has fun and a nice meal. We brought our apples and some pears to the press and returned home with over 50 5 liter-packages of apple juice – very nice! This is enough for our household for a year under normal circumstances.

The quince pears in the picture could not go to the press – they are too too solid, which is why the press doesn’t like them. So only a few end up as juice, a few more I’ll use for fruit jelly, and the rest will go to compost I’m afraid. Last year I sent a notice to kweepeer.nl that my quinces were available for afficionado’s, but Okke Amerongen has discontinued this service. Now what? I’m very much afraid I’ll have to turn them into compost …

Later: Had a brainwave – offered them gratis on Marktplaats.


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