rhinoOur around-the-world trip has started – in South Africa now, lovely! The image I’m posting may look familiar – but actually it’s a rhino’s butt.

We’re staying with friends in Polokwane, and have been to Polokwane Game Reserve yesterday. Sighted rhino at least three times! Their massiveness and the deliberate way they move are like nothing else. The rhinos in Polokwane are the white ones – the non-aggressive ones. Which is nice to know when a rhino circles one’s picknick spot. ”

It’s weird to be dropped in the middle of summer, and in a draught area as well. We brought a little rain with us – the best present ever. We’ve been seing lots of lovely birds with un-familiar bright plumage- red cardinals and purple bishops abound. What is it in the human mind that always wants to connect the unknown to the known?

One of the small things I noticed that is different:  no locks on toilet doors – if the door is closed, the toilet is occupied, when it stands open one can use it. Now why didn’t we think of that?

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