Speak for me

Started droodling – at last. Found that I could not do this thing when staying with friends. As lovely as our stay with them was, I could not find the e silent space within myself I need in order to put pen to paper.

So when we arrived at our next destination – a lovely roundavel-style guesthouse near Louis Trichard – and were sitting on the veranda,  some drawings just popped out. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, check them all below. I can see  now that the fourth one isn’t quite finished – the others are ok.  And that, my friends, is what I do this weblogging for – to be able to look at my work with a little distance.

In  the book, I’ve introduced this character called Eve or Eva – this is me. People used to conjugate ‘Everdien’ a lot:  E,  Eef, Eefje, Ever, Evertje, Eve, Everdieneke,  Everdine, Everdientje, Diny, Dientje, Dienemuus. I’m continuing this tradition. Eve or Eva will speak for me.






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