Is and isn’t

My garden is a [town, walled, hanging, mediterranian, container, rock, english, secret, flower cutting, orchard, fruit, play, spa, woodland, sculpture, wildflower] garden –  I substantiated this claim in my previous blog.

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Garden June 2016 08

Of course this major feat of categorisation must be complemented by a list of what all my garden isn’t. Here goes:

– not a parterre or a topiary garden – bux blight did away with this. Not to be resurrected;
– not a water garden – a small water feature is under consideration:
– not a bog garden – I’m happiest with dry feet;
– not a heather garden – never a success on a small scale;
– not a tropical garden – don’t want  to look at burlap sacks for 6 months a year;
– not a herb garden – I do grow herbs, but mix them with other plants;
– not a vegetable garden – too much work and I hate killing snails and slugs;
– not a perennial garden – too boring:
– not a rose garden –  roses look bad for 6 months out of 12;
– not a cottage garden – I live in town;
– not a potager – too much en vogue;
– not a patio garden – no patio;
– not a japanese garden – I have alkaline soil so I can’t grow the right type of shrub;
– not a gravel garden – now this I would have liked to have, but it isn’t practical. Horrible to walk on with bare feet, and bad for mowing. I may do a few gravel containers, though, just for fun;
– botanical garden – I’m not a plant collector – I plant what looks good and what thrives.

So, upon mature consideration, this will be my to-do list

– water feature
– gravel containers


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