The Seven Deadly Sins in a row – I’ve taken them out of storage the day before yesterday, and have been giving them final touches ever since. Well …. final …  I consider ‘Lust’ ‘Pride’ ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Sloth’ as finished and I’ll probably keep working on ‘Gluttony’ ‘Greed’ and ‘Wrath’. From the pictures it is easy to see they may be a bit overloaded.

Anyway, it has been fun working on them and sourcing the materials. For I made it a rule not to buy anything new –  I went week-knee-ed only once and bought the cloche for ‘Gluttony’ from a shop. The rest of the materials were all sourced secondhand or found  – I actually came across the cloche that started the whole thing on a wasteland area in Utrecht. The plastic figurines date back to a plastic craze I used to have. The dolls came from a charity shop that had a sale on, and when I dropped one I had my first clue as to how to use them. My gorgeous uncle Wim did the wood-turning for the bases, using a piece of wood he got from a friend. The little nameplates are prototypes. I have just the kind of paper in mind, but will experiment with lettering and size beforehand.

Also I’m looking for a table to display the cloches on – they are now on a cabinet in my studio. I thought I had found the table the other day, but this one turned out to be too square. The table went to my living room instead, where it doesn’t look half bad. For the Sins I’ll need an elongated table where the cloches can stand in a row. Maybe I’ll ask Loes to make one for me – using sourced wood, of course :).

Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 03Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 04Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 05Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 06Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 07Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 08Seven Deadly Sins juli 2016 09

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