So I’ve come to a number of conclusions about the ‘Dutch Space is Different‘ series I did when on our world trip. It was good to not view the drawings for a couple of months – let them stew – always easier to see if work  is any good when a bit of time has lapsed. I was a bit nervous about opening the books, and postponed this until after the remake of my studio: what if the idea, or its execution,  is crap? Can’t very well go and visit those countries again, now, can I?

My conclusions today:
– some drawings better than others, but in all: good quality!
– series does reflect Dutch-ness and a Dutch point of view towards the countries visited;
– every country we visited has something Dutch woven into its history: South Africa [Afrikaans], Japan [Deshima], Australia [discovered by ..], New Zealand [also discovered by …], America [New Amsterdam];
– it works to have the voice of the Dutch author of the books next to my voice;
– will choose 5 or 6 drawings from each book;
– will present the original page and the drawn-over page side by side to show the two voices.

To be worked out: how to fix paper on paper (marouflage), how to cut passe-partouts, accreditation of the two voices.

IMG_0958_bew_klIMG_0959_bew_kl IMG_0960_bew_kl

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